The General Idea:

The general concept behind the DONUT (Direct Observation of the NU Tau) experiment was to create a beam of tau neutrinos that would interact to form taus, which could then be observed. The set-up is as follows: An 800 GeV beam of protons from the TeVatron collides into the beam dump, a large block of tungsten, to produce the charm particle Ds (a meson comprised of charm and strange quarks) which decays to an anti-tau neutrino and a tau lepton. The tau then decays to a tau neutrino, which passes through 36m of shielding to a detector consisting of emulsion targets followed by a spectrometer. In the emulsion targets a tau neutrino interacts with a nucleon to produce a tau detectable by the various levels of the spectrometer. Voila! The tau neutrino is detected.

Stage 1: Beam Dump

Stage 2: Shielding

Stage 3:Detector

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