DONUT Nutritional Facts (not USDA certified):

Serving size:

4.6 x 1017 protons on target

Triggers: 6.6 x 106

triggers from neutrino interactions~1100 +/- 300
predicted vertices 901
vertices located in emulsion 699
digitized vertices 511
vertex locations attempted 451
vertices located 264
vertices scanned 203
tau neutrinos observed 5


If the track that caused the trigger was found to originate in the emulsion target it became a candidate for examination. For a vertex to be considered for examination it had to be projected into the emulsion, contain no showering from nearby muon interactions and have a visible energy above 2 GeV. Of the vertices scanned, 71 were identified to be muon interactions. The calorimeter was used to separate the electron neutrino, muon neutrino and neutral current interactions resulting in electron production from the tau events.

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